The investment in your car is best protected by taking care of it on a regular schedule.

Taking care of things like oil changes and tire rotations not only keeps it running longer, but saves you money as well.

That’s why we offer in addition to great repairs and service we also offer the best in preventative maintenance, keeping track of your  records and making them available to you with the myCARFAX apps.

So you can leave the worry to us.



I am Dudley the Owner / Technician here at TEC PRO Auto Care  in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have been best described as “my fiduciary mechanic” a description I appreciate and work hard to honor every day here. As a solo business I can know that my commitment to the best in customer service in auto care in Albuquerque is what you will experience with TEC PRO. Delegating your auto care needs to me with confidence and trust is what I have been about for over 35 years.

Please check out my Qualifications – Experience and Professional Standards and find out why you should add my phone number 505-872-1881 to your contacts as your “fiduciary mechanic” as well.


TEC PRO Auto Care is AMAZON approved!

EC PRO Auto Care 
is an Amazon Local approved service pro. Amazon Service Pros are,



TEC PRO Auto Care is a My CARFAX trusted repair shop!

The my CARFAX apps and website will save you money on repairs by not only alerting and notifying when regular maintenance is do, it uses the manufactures recommended  maintenance schedule and not a generic interval saving you as much as half on your services.