New Mexico Drivers Pay Highest Increase On Car Repairs In The Nation

Car Repair Expenses

While to many this is old news even if the never seen it. Mostly because they have probably already experienced it.

The yearly CarMD state auto repair cost report for 2015 showed that New Mexico had the largest increase in auto repair costs in the nation. Up from the 47th most expensive state for auto repairs to the 8th most expensive state for auto repairs. The biggest one year move since the index has been tracked. A whopping 22% increase in one year. That works out to an average repair that was around $350.00 in 2014 increased to around $430.00 in 2015.

The major portion of that increase was in the cost of parts. While parts prices remained steady for most of the nation and even dropped in some states, they increased substantially in New Mexico.

There are many reasons why,

This increase hits many people in a state still in decline very hard on a vital need and expense.

TEC PRO Auto Care understands the hit this has on people in New Mexico and has several options to help lessen and in many cases reverse the burden of  auto repairs for it’s customers in Albuquerque. Feel free to ask us about them at your next call or visit .